Pilot Infos

Dear guest,

we’re looking forward to your visit. What can you expect?
Towing lengths of 900m at Görlitz airport and 1.200m at Rothenburg/OL. airport. Both locations are thermally very interesting. We offer fast and safe winch operations using a Koch IV type double drum winch (two ropes).

Seilwinde und Quad als Seilrückholer

To ensure an optimized winch operation there are a few things to consider:

  • In section #Flight Planner you can see when and where we are flying.
  • We are using LPD radio for communication  434.300MHz/250.3Hz
    (Channel 50/ Sub Channel 38)
    safety first!
  • Guest pilots visiting us for the first time need to show their license to the take-off coordinator before they start for the first time. The take-off coordinator will register the new pilot at the winch driver.
  • We also ask you to sign the release from liability. You could either download it here (#Liability Release ) and bring it with you or get a printed version from the take-off coordinator.
  • Before clipping into the rope (we highly recommend SK2 type tow release for paragliders) you already finished your start preparation and pre-flight check completely to ensure an efficient winch operation. The starting order is scheduled by the take-off coordinator.

Don’t hesitate to ask the take-off coordinator or other pilots for further information regarding specific characteristics of the location.

We wish you pleasant flights.
happy and safe landings 🙂

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